Logan T. Hess Nameplate


When trying to show off a professional look, you are going to want to start with a nameplate. A nameplate is a good way to get across your look, couple key features, and what you bring to the table. A lot of people basically use the nameplate as an electronic business card. With the modern day relying so heavily on technology to do things, we are starting to see so many more people apply for jobs just online. You won’t go into a business and apply with your resume, you will send them your resume and your nameplate. This all means one thing, a name plate is very important!

I made sure to include what I thought was important on my personal nameplate. I wanted to include my LinkedIn, and Twitter especially since that is the easiest way to connect with me on social media. I showed off my past work history and interest. I also felt it was important to show my passed work history, it lets possible employers know I know how to work in an effective environment. i certainly plan on utilizing my professional nameplate from now on!

in the wave

Cite: GoPro


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