InDesign Holiday Card

InDesign is hands down one of my favorite software programs to mess around with. In my mind, it is an easier version of photoshop for those people who want to make cool pictures or graphics. It allows you to easily layer different images on one another, as well as add in some awesome effects and shapes. If you know how to use one program, in my mind, you already have a good base ground of learning for the other one. It may be a tad bit overwhelming at first, but using online tutorials and just following directions can be very useful with this program! I taught myself how to use it a few years back, so if I can do it, anyone can!

As far as my card goes, I wanted to make something simple, elegant, but made sure it really gave you that holiday feel when you looked at it. I started off by finding my picture of the lit up Christmas tree in the middle of the snowy woods, which to me, just put a smile on my face. Adding a simple text box and words I felt as though the “Happy Holidays” is all you really need on a card like this. The back side is relatively simple, using the line tool to create an area for a stamp as well as the address. I decided to add my own personal touch with a faded out image of a bow and ribbon. Enjoy!

Front Side Holiday Card

Back Side Holiday Card

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Hootsuite is hands down one of the most useful social media apps out there! It is an easy way to schedule tweets for yourself that you want to make sure get out, but you certainly do not want to forget. It is nice because you can schedule them months in advanced, and never have to worry about it again. This can be useful for companies that know they are launching a new product and want to get all these tweets out but do not want to worry about it while the product actually comes out. If you feel like spending money, you can pay for the pro version so you can connect all of your social media pages to be able to do this!

As for myself, I have been using Hootsuite for quite some time for my fraternity page that I run. It is nice to have tweets already made that I know we want to send out later in the semester. As an example, we always send out a tweet to sororities on their founder’s day to congratulate them, and I always type all of those up before the semester even starts so I don’t have to worry about it later. This is a very useful tool that many people should learn to utilize, it can help you in your professional career.

Here is my screenshot form my Hootsuite page, showing my scheduled tweets as well as the other pages I have running.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.25.07 PM

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Brand Yourself is a very useful tool for professionals to try and up their image on the web. It is a site that offers you the ability to help your search results when your name is searched for online. It is very useful since it offers free tools that help you make sure when your name is searched, posts about YOU actually come up, not someone that shares the same name. Everyone knows how annoying it can be that an employer may do a Google search on you, and judge you off of results that aren’t true to you.

I was surprised to see that my search results gave me a D-. When i took the time to actually look at the results though, I saw that there are some pretty crappy Logan Hess’ out there. The more I thought about it, the more I thought about how much this could effect my professional career. As I continue through my college career, a career continues to get closer and closer, and I want to give myself the best possible chance of landing a dream job. This is important because a lot of business’ now do online searches for possible employees.

I went through every step I could on the site to possibly boost my online score. I wanted to make sure it knew the right results for which were mine, which sites were mine, and which pictures were mine. I never realized how easy this could be and how useful this website is! I certainly encourage any young professional to go through and take these easy step to help better their professional career!

brand yourself scorew

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