Branding By Story Telling – Networking

In November I got the chance to go listen to Doug Conant speak downtown in the University Club Room. For those of you who have never been there, it is a very cozy environment, where they even had the fire place going during this talk. It is a pretty small venue so the atmosphere was very intimate. For those who do not know, this man has a very impressive resume and professional career. He was the CEO of Campell Soup Company for some time as well as Chairman of Kellogg. Those in my mind were the two most impressive.

He spoke a lot about what his young career was like and what he had to so he would one day have the chance to hold these executive positions. He really spoke on how by telling a story can create a brand. How you deliver a message, how you use emotions, can all effect how a brand is made. If these aspects can be perfected, you can make any brand into anything you want. He also talked a lot about how difficult it is to take an already established brand and change it or revamp it. Which in my mind was a very interesting concept!

This again, was another great thing offered by the school, for FREE! Someone like this can charge thousands of dollars to come and speak, and we got the opportunity to listen for free and meet this man. I certainly took this experience as a blessing.

Branding Selfie

Hess, L. (Photograph). (2015). Selfie From Branding By Story Telling.


Taking Flight – Networking

Right before Halloween I had the opportunity to go listen to Keith Donovan speak at our downtown campus. He is the VP of Airfoil Group which is a very successful company, so I was obviously very excited to listen to him talk. I personally think that it is always very beneficial to hear an actual professional speak about a subject, instead of just in the classroom. By hearing first hand knowledge, you really get a good feel for how the business world is.

He really pushed taking the next level throughout his speech. That “good” is no longer acceptable, it has to be “great” if you want to be successful in this world. By pushing this concept, he noted how much more in life you will stand out form the crowd and not just fall in the shadows of others. I think this is very true in current day with so many people having a hard time find jobs, you need something under your belt to stand out, and by going above and beyond all the time I think companies will really respect it, and want you in their company.

It was a really humbling experience since he did open himself up after the talk for questions and just casual chat. He made it seem very personal, no matter what the question was. Offering his best career advice possible. I did get the opportunity to hand him one of my business cards and talk about some of the skills I have to offer in the job world. He really strained to me that I never should never be satisfied with what skills I have. There is always more tools of the trade you can learn and equip yourself with to make yourself more desirable.

I certainly enjoyed this experience quite a bit and can say I really learned a lot. It’s really amazing that GV offers so many free speeches and events like this around campus throughout the year. Taking Flight Flyer Selfie

Hess, L. (Photograph). (2015). Selfie From Taking Flight Networking Speech.

Social Media

Social media has become one of the biggest tools, and biggest trends of the 21st century. It is basically hard to go anywhere in the world without finding someone that has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other site. I personally think that it is a good thing. It is expanding the world that we live in and offering up more opportunities. I think now a days people are so consumed with the idea that it is a bad thing because everyone is on it and constantly checking their notifications, but in fact, that is just how the world is now, and times do change.

I use it for the main 3 social media platforms I listed above, (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) According to the top two most popular social media sites in the world are Twitter and Facebook. –>

I like to stay up to date on what is going on with my friends, and what news is going on around the world. I can basically fill both of those needs within a 5 minute check in on my social media apps. And to be completely honest, I have meet so many new people through a simple Facebook request, that would later lead to a meet in person situation that I don’t know who would, and wouldn’t be in my life because of it. According to the top reason for the popularity in social media is in fact because people want to meet new people.  –>

I see my friends basically use social media in the same ways I do, to stay up with recent updates and news stories, while occasionally getting a good creeping session in on the new girl in class. According to some of the biggest benefits of social media are in fact staying in touch with the world, no matter where you are in it. –>

I personally think social media is very beneficial to the 21st century person. You are almost out of the loop too much if you don’t use these resources, and can really miss out on some great opportunities without it. I know with sites like LinkedIn it is an actual social media platform for the professional world.

On the flip side of all of this, I do believe there is a bad side of social media. I think some people get so caught up in it that it truly ruins their real personality. All they care about is their social media life and followers, likes, and favorites that they lose touch with their inner-self.

All in all, this world just continues to move towards a more basic platform of everyone uses social media, and it will be a necessary part of life if you want to fit in with the rest of society. With that being said, I do think proper education on social media use is something the country should look into!

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Future of My Blog

To be completely honest, I have never done blogging before this class. I always felt as though it was kind of just a way to gossip for yourself, and hope others care to read. I always viewed it as more of a girly thing, but I was wrong after going through this process. I found that it was a very useful tool, not only for this class, but it made me a better writer as a whole. It challenged me to continually post multiple paragraphs about these assignments, so I did appreciate that aspect of it.

As of now, I do plan to keep my blog active, I do not know how much exactly I will be using it, but I certainly do not want to delete it. I think it’s nice to have for your resume and show off to possible employers that you have done something like this, with a nice, neat area where all your work is stored. I believe that some employers will like the fact you have this as yet another tool to add to the company.

Like I said, I really did like having a blog. I don’t think I’ll ever use it just to write about my life or gossip, but for a more professional setting to show off to employers. I am certainly glad I got this opportunity to try it out!

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