Branding By Story Telling – Networking

In November I got the chance to go listen to Doug Conant speak downtown in the University Club Room. For those of you who have never been there, it is a very cozy environment, where they even had the fire place going during this talk. It is a pretty small venue so the atmosphere was very intimate. For those who do not know, this man has a very impressive resume and professional career. He was the CEO of Campell Soup Company for some time as well as Chairman of Kellogg. Those in my mind were the two most impressive.

He spoke a lot about what his young career was like and what he had to so he would one day have the chance to hold these executive positions. He really spoke on how by telling a story can create a brand. How you deliver a message, how you use emotions, can all effect how a brand is made. If these aspects can be perfected, you can make any brand into anything you want. He also talked a lot about how difficult it is to take an already established brand and change it or revamp it. Which in my mind was a very interesting concept!

This again, was another great thing offered by the school, for FREE! Someone like this can charge thousands of dollars to come and speak, and we got the opportunity to listen for free and meet this man. I certainly took this experience as a blessing.

Branding Selfie

Hess, L. (Photograph). (2015). Selfie From Branding By Story Telling.


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