Future of My Blog

To be completely honest, I have never done blogging before this class. I always felt as though it was kind of just a way to gossip for yourself, and hope others care to read. I always viewed it as more of a girly thing, but I was wrong after going through this process. I found that it was a very useful tool, not only for this class, but it made me a better writer as a whole. It challenged me to continually post multiple paragraphs about these assignments, so I did appreciate that aspect of it.

As of now, I do plan to keep my blog active, I do not know how much exactly I will be using it, but I certainly do not want to delete it. I think it’s nice to have for your resume and show off to possible employers that you have done something like this, with a nice, neat area where all your work is stored. I believe that some employers will like the fact you have this as yet another tool to add to the company.

Like I said, I really did like having a blog. I don’t think I’ll ever use it just to write about my life or gossip, but for a more professional setting to show off to employers. I am certainly glad I got this opportunity to try it out!

NUR KARLICA ROY. 2012, January 4. WordPress – How to use the blog. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAozOaxXYx4


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