Photoshop Blackhawks Logo

When it comes to Photoshop, the possibilities are truly endless. You can take a picture that comes off as something simple, and add so many elements to it so it becomes such an amazing picture. It gave people the ability to be able to create whatever they were thinking, to become true reality on a computer screen. Everyone remembers the days of messing around with Microsoft paint, well luckily for us, Adobe made a Microsoft paint on steroids and called it Photoshop.

I took a very simple logo from my favorite team, the Chicago Blackhawks to edit. I simply used the tools to take out the letters in the original photo, and replace them with filled in black color to match the rest of the logo. Personally, I think it is a pretty cool look since it shows of more of the actual Indian head, instead of the team name. I added a simple filter of “sprayed strokes” to give it a little bit of an edgy look. It is all about making a picture or design stand out and be different, I believe from this simple tools I have done so. Go Blackhawks!


blackhawks logo, before


blackhawks logo, after

If you are interested in learnning to Photoshop, checkout the video below!

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