Info Graphics

Info graphics are one of the most creative ways to demonstrate how to do something or how something happens. It uses both text and visual pieces to help out in these efforts. A lot of time, people will use images that go hand in hand with the words next to the image. This is an easy way to get your ideas out to your viewers who are more likely to pay attention to images instead of reading a lot of words. It is simply using graphics and information together as one to show the process of something.

An easy way to create an info graphic is to use a free online maker. They are very simple to use, supplying templates and all sorts of images for your use. A lot of times these info graphics are shared through different sorts of social media including twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so on. You can even share them on your very own wordpress blog :] The world of info graphics is truly endless, allowing the common person an exciting way to show how something is done and created.

For my project I did a pretty simple, 9 step tutorial on how to play golf. I used a template the site provided, but changed the color scheme and the background image to compliment my topic a little bit better. I certainly plan on using these a lot more in the future now that I know how to and since it is free!

golf infographic

Below is a video showing off some of the best made info graphics.

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