Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most helpful resources available on the web in my humble opinion. So often people find themselves lost as to how to gain a bigger audience. Well AdWords simply takes all that information you need, and gives it to you with statistics to back it up. If you are unsure as to which phrase gets more hits on the web, it will tell you. Often people are torn as to which words to actually use with their websites to gain the biggest audience possible, again AdWords will tell you.

This all just goes to show how much Google is utilizing technology for the everyday man. It is a pretty simple platform to use once you get the hang of it, and there are plenty of tutorials out on the web to use. Not only does AdWords help in search optimization, but you can also use its Ads to help boost popularity with certain social media post. I know people who have used it to gain a bigger following on YouTube for example, by utilizing its ads. The opportunities are truly endless when it comes to Google.

My 5 words / phrases are as follows:

  1. “Grand Rapids”
  2. “Advertising”
  3. “Public Relations”
  4. “College Student”
  5. “Technology in Advertising”

The 5 new words / phrases AdWords gave with their number of searches are as follows:

  1. “Grand” 135,000 searches
  2. “Ad” 589,900 searches
  3. “Marketing” 689,430 searches
  4. “Scholarship” 1,850,260
  5. “News Media” 14,100

If I were to come up with a sentence to put in my blog to utilize these new key terms it would be as follows, “A grand student who attends Grand Valley State University on a scholarship, ventures into the marketing world with news Ads in the media”

Here are some big mistakes people make in regards to Google AdWords

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