Final Exam

Create A New Page – #1

For our CAP 105 final exam, we are required to make a new “page” of our blog, and post the following work to show that we are competent with the tools that we were taught this semester. Enjoy!

Personal Logo – #2

I wanted to make something simple, yet elegant that would catch the eye of those who look at my work. By just using my two initials, I think it gives off that very modern look, especially with the bubbled letters and fun looking colors. It is nice to have a personal logo so I can put it on different pieces of work I put out on the internet to make sure no one takes credit for my work.


Logan Hess Logo. Designed by Logan T. Hess. Designed December 13, 2015 Made for CAP 105 Final Exam.

Digital Photo Manipulation – #3

Below are 4 photos that my lovely girlfriend took of me while we were walking around campus. Each one of them was taken in front of a GVSU statue or icon.

Geo-location Services – #4

For this part of the final we had to go check into the 20/20 desk via a tweet. You can use geo-location when you are creating a tweet to check into whatever place you are currently in at the time. We then had to tweet the selfie we took at the 20/20 desk to our professor with a certain hash tag to make sure this step was done for the final.

2020 desk tweet

Selfie Shot With The 20/20 Desk. Logan Hess. This photo was taken on December 11, 2015 in Allendale, MI.

For the next portion, we had to go check into the theatre we have at GVSU. Again, we were suppose to use geo-location in a tweet which included our selfie and a certain hash tag so our professor could see the tweets being sent out. It is safe to say I got some weird looks taken a selfie in the theatre building.

theatre pic tweet

Selfie Shot With The Theatre. Logan Hess. This photo was taken on December 11, 2015 in Allendale, MI.

Internet Culture / Memes – #5

If you are like me, and are on the Internet a lot, then you have certainly seen the popularity of Internet memes. It is basically just taking a simple image of someone, or something that is funny and putting text over it that make people laugh. As the Internet has become more and more popular, it is hard for any celebrities to not find themselves turned into some sort of meme character. Below are 3 popular ones being, Bad Luck Brian, First World Problems, and Haters Gonna Hate.

bad luck brian selfie final

This is my attempt to make a Bad Luck Brian meme. The original makes a funny face and is then labeled with text of bad things happening to him, so I thought this was pretty funny.

Bad Luck Brian Meme Attempt. Logan Hess. This photo was taking on December 11, 2015 in Allendale, MI.

haters gonna hate EDIT

This is my attempt to make a Haters Gonna Hate meme. It is normally done by just doing something funny or stupid looking with that caption on top of it. So i tried to just look creepy good, and go for it :]

Haters Gonna Hate Meme. Logan Hess. This photo was taken on December 11, 2015 in Allendale, MI.

first world problems EDIT

This is my attempt at a First World Problem meme. I actually thought this was pretty funny since having fresh water and it not reaching your mouth is totally a first world problem. I hope you all get some laughs out of it as well!

First World Problems Selfie. Logan Hess. This photo was taken on December 11, 2015 in Allendale, MI.

Video – #6

This is my little mini tour of the GVSU Tech Showcase. It is located in the atrium level of the library and is filled with a bunch of awesome technology! They have every new piece of equipment you could basically imagine. From 3D printers, to little robots that you can control with your hand! This area of the library is really cool and I personally think more students should be utilizing it!

Logan Hess. 2015, December 15. GVSU Tech Showcase Tour (CAP 105 Final) Retrieved from

Below is a screenshot of my storyboard in Final Cut Pro which I used to edit and put this video together!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 5.51.09 PM

Final Cut Pro Screenshot. Logan Hess. Retrieved on December 15, 2015.

Also attached below is a screenshot of my twitter tagging the professor and using the specific hashtag we were assigned for this final!

tweet video link

Logan Hess Screenshot. Logan Hess. Retrieved from twitter on December 15, 2015.

Photoshop – #7

“Smooth Elegance”

I chose this sculpture simply because the shape of is absolutely beautiful in my mind. The clean color of white, with the long swirls going up, just give it that really modern, and sharp look that is becoming so popular in the modern day art world. I took this photo and added a filter onto it to give it a little more pop and edge. I also added an airplane to the top of the image, since I did not want to disrupt anything from the sculpture itself; I saw this as a good idea. I call this image, “Smooth Elegance”

art sculpture EDITED

Smooth Elegance. Logan Hess. This photo was taken on December 11, 2015 in Allendale, MI.

InDesign – #8

Below is a twitter cover photo I made for my personal twitter. I didn’t want to make anything crazy flashy, but something clean and modern that had that “cool” look that a lot of people look for. I made it pretty simple, by just having my name on there, but thought adding my new, personal logo to the bottom left was a pretty nice touch. I added some different layers of filters to is, so it gave it some character. I really like the way it turned out!

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 7.20.25 PM

Screenshot of my twitter. Logan Hess. Retrieved from on December 15, 2015

Internet Research – #9

I’ve always found this meme so funny just because of how crazy I have seen some girls and guys be about their significant other. It can be like the littlest thing in the world, and all of a sudden a million different questions start getting thrown at them about the situation, when in reality, it was really nothing at all. This one really appealed to me just because the girl in the picture really does have a crazy look in her eye, and is something I can totally see a crazy girlfriend saying. I enjoy a lot of the memes out there, but this one has always given me an extra laugh when I see it. I think memes are important to the Internet culture because it really brings people together for a funny cause. Everyone has their own spin on a meme, and through the Internet people can share these memes with each other. I also think it is important because people now a days just need a good laugh sometimes, and funny memes can really do that for people.


Best Internet Memes – The Meme Vault. Posted by Admin in February of 2015 on

GVSU Culture – #10

“The Wrecking Ball”

wrecking ball unedit

GVSU Wrecking Ball Selfie. Logan Hess. This photo was taken on December 11, 2015 in Allendale, MI.

The wrecking ball is a true piece of GVSU history. I would bet that there isn’t a single student who lives in Allendale that can say they do not know what the wrecking ball is or where it is located. It has become much more then just a big spinning ball that we walk by, but a true school icon.

Of course, we all know that after the Miley Cyrus song, “Wrecking Ball” the popularity of this large orb became even more popular. With students attempting to ride it every night in hopes to look like Miley herself, it quickly became a social media sensation. This story wasn’t just talked about in West Michigan, or even just Michigan, but on a national basis, catching airtime on networks like CNN and TMZ.

Sadly, all of this attention was not taken very well from the University and they were forced to put up a barrier around the ball to prevent students from riding on it. Never the less, students still walk by it on a day-to-day basis and look at it, admiring its shiny beauty.

I think this became such a large cultural icon here at GVSU just from the traditions it stood for. The majority of freshmen thought that it was a must to ride it during welcome week and get a sweet picture, or try and see how many of your friends you could fit on it. It became more than just a statue or piece of art to the GVSU students, but a memory for them. A memory that leads them back to their beginning days at GVSU before all the hard work and stress, and I think that brings a lot of happiness to the students.

As far as the SEO for the wrecking ball I did find some interesting suggestions for how to get more people on my page and looking into the GVSU wrecking ball. The biggest thing that people need to realize about AdWords and SEO as a whole is how truly important they can be, and how incredibly useful. If you want your page to come up on people’s searches, you need to optimize it as best as possible, and this tool can really help. No one publishes things online for no one to read, they want to reach as many people as possible, and by using AdWords and SEO one can really see a significant increase. For this search, they suggested using words like, University, and Colleges in Michigan. By utilizing popular searches that can be associated with broader topics, there is a much better chance that your site or page will get noticed and more views. Hopefully these work for getting more people to my site and I fully plan on using this tool a lot in the future!


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